5 Reasons Why We All Will Be Forced To Use Solar Power In The Near Future ($2000 Offer Below)

Written by Marco Campos

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Technology – It just keeps on going and going, without ceasing or taking a break… 

If it were up to me though, we would still be using AOL on Compaq computers from 1995. 

Fortunately for the rest of the world, scientists, inventors, and engineers are always looking for ways to improve things. 

 And this is exactly why Solar Power will replace coal, oil and nuclear power whether we like it or not. 

Do you remember back when everybody had a Nokia phone? 

Those were the coolest phones on planet earth, right? There was nothing that could top a Nokia at that time…

Then the iPhone happened. And it was night-night Nokia. 

Here’s The Kicker

That same thing is happening right now in the energy industry. 

 And those who move first are going to reap all of the perks, discounts, and rebates that come from having solar power… 


Arriving late to the solar party would be like getting to the gold rush in 1856 after everything was over.  

In other words: it won’t be good to be fashionably late to this party.

There are many reasons why people seek to get solar power… Some personal, some moral, some financial.

 However, this article is about the mandatory migration that’s about to take place.

Here Are The Top 5 Reasons Why We Will Have To Migrate To Solar Power:


It’s cheaper – According to Bloomberg, the price of solar energy is set to keep dropping as the price of fossil fuels keeps climbing. 

Since as recently as 2008, the price of solar panels has dropped by 80%

You can get a solar system installed for as low as $87 a month. 

The average 20-year power savings for solar users is between $20,000 and $35,000. Those savings are enough to send a kid to college without loans. 

Solar power is also a foolproof protection against inflation. This is because rising energy costs won’t affect those who don’t have a monthly energy bill. TAP HERE FOR A FREE SOLAR QUOTE NOW  TAP HERE FOR A FREE SOLAR QUOTE NOW 


 The sun is everywhere oil and coal isn’t – Contrary to popular belief, solar power is not an alternative energy. 

 Coal, oil and nuclear power are the alternative energies. All life on earth thrives and depends on sunlight, thus solar energy is the original energy. 


 Solar is Safer – Solar panels are primarily made from silicon. 

 That means there is no risk of leaking dangerous toxins or fumes into your home or the environment.

 And there is no threat of a ‘meltdown’ or hazardous radioactive leaks with solar power. 


 It’s Clean Energy – It renews and recycles itself daily. Regardless of your mood on any given day, one thing is for sure… 

 The sun will come out. It’s been that way since the beginning of time and it shows no signs of slowing down.

 Solar energy is one of the cleanest ways to produce electricity known to mankind. Out of the top 10 countries that use the most solar power, Germany and Italy alone have more panels installed than the next 8 countries combined. 

 This is for good reason. They see where energy is heading and they’re not going to be left behind. (The United States is 4th on that list in case you’re wondering.)


 Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) now allows us to store and harness solar energy 24 hours a day. Even when there is no sunlight at all. 

 Critics used to argue that solar power can only be used when the sun is out. And that was a valid point, in 1973. 

 Today the technology is much more advanced, and we now have the capability to store and use solar power for far longer periods. 

The fact of the matter is: right now, the government may help to subsidize your solar system.  

This is great because not only do you get tax breaks, but you could actually sell energy back to the grid…  

Which means the power company will end up owing you money every month

 How cool is that?

 However, these perks will only last until solar becomes the new standard. 

 Once we reach the German number of installed panels all of the breaks and savings will vanish like those old Nokias. 

How To Get Solar Power For Less Than You May Think...

 Most people think having solar energy in their homes is a luxury that only few can afford. In actuality, the opposite is true.

 The average Florida homeowner spends almost $2,000 per year on electricity. The problem there is: they’re stuck with that bill for life. Over the course of a mortgage, they’ll spend around $60,000 for electricity alone.

 On the other hand, the average solar energy system totally pays for itself within 7 to 12 years…

 Then guess what? No more high Electric Bills! Ever!

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"The power companies are the biggest Monopolies there are!"

- Susan M - Florida


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If you don't know anything about solar you may wonder how it works. It's actually simpler than you may think.

The solar panels that are usually installed on top of the roof generate electricity from sunlight which is sent to a box called inverter, that is usually installed on the side of the house on the wall where the meter is, which converts DC energy into AC energy that can be consumed inside of your house.

The first part of that electricity produced by the solar panels is sent to your house for you to use and any excess is sent to the power company aka as the "grid" during the day which is sent back to you at night after the sun sets.

The goal is to have enough solar panels installed on your roof so you are always producing more power than what you are consuming so you can build up credits with the power company versus having to pay them for any excess you consume.

The process of getting approved for financing and having the system installed is very simple and fast. The solar companies usually take care of the communication with the power company and the city for you. If you have an HOA the solar company will provide you with a copy of your solar system design so you can present to the HOA for approval. In most cases your solar system will be installed in 60 days or less depending on how long it takes to get HOA and Permit approvals.

After your solar system is installed there will be two extra steps. First a county inspector will come to your house to inspect the solar system installation and make sure everything was installed according to the plans and according to the city's electrical code. Once the system passes county inspection the last step will be for the power company to replace the existing meter to a bi-directional meter. Once that is done by the power company the system will receive permission to operate aka PTO. The process of activating the system after the installation can take 30 to 90 days depending where you live and what power company you do business with.


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